Asphalt Preservation Services is an important new addition to the Asphalt Group Holdings portfolio. As part of the Group’s continuous journey to provide excellence to our customers we are aiming to extend our current ISO 9001;2015 accreditation for Quality to the Triple ISO Certification which includes ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management.

Reaching the very highest industry standards has always been an integral part of how the Group companies do business. The Group has consistently provided high-quality products and services and has been accredited with the quality standard ISO 9001 for a good number of years.

‘As a company, we focus on our people, our planet and our products and services and the Triple Badge is a natural fit providing a crossover between safety and environmental standards in terms of social responsibility’ says Group Managing Director Howard Cooke.

‘Sustainability of the road network is at the core of everything we do. All our products and services are designed to extend the life of pavements and maximise their asset value. Durability and minimal whole-life costs with the least public disruption is our goal. ISO 14001 accreditation will improve our environmental performance helping us to make our operations even more sustainable’ continues Cooke.

The ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Management System will help us protect our most important asset, our people. After all without their hard work and dedication the Triple badge would be unachievable. ISO 45001 will enable us to provide a safe and healthy workplace preventing work-related injury and ill health whilst our team work on maintaining and enhancing the road network.

Phase 1 of the external audit is now complete with a very positive result and we are now looking forward to Phase 2 to complete our accreditation to award us the triple badge.

‘The Triple ISO Certification will demonstrate to the industry that Asphalt Reinforcement Services and our sister companies Asphalt Surface Dressing and Asphalt Preservation are serious about providing the very highest standards of work to extend the life of our road network which ultimately means less disruption for road users and less disruption for the environment’ concludes Cooke.