Highways England’s Passport to Safety

Asphalt Preservation Services are proud to announce that all members of our installation teams now carry Highways England Passports for Health and Safety .

The Highways England Passport Scheme was introduced as part of Highways England’s 5-year Health and Safety Plan. Its purpose is to set a common safety standard to help validate and maintain the standards of the more than 50 thousand workers on the highway network and to ensure they’re well being.

‘Our staff have passed the Common Induction Training and each member of our installation team now carries a smartcard with their training record, qualifications and competency details making it much more straightforward to gain access to the Highways England sites we are working on’ says Howard Cooke, Asphalt Preservation Services Managing Director.

The Highways England Passport smartcard is read using the passport app, which is available on Android and iOS or on a PC-connected desktop reader and can be easily maintained to make sure the information on the card is up-to-date and can be relied upon. The smart card will provide a one card system which will make things a lot easier and more efficient improving several factors such as entry times to sites, verifying credentials and management of risks concerning employee fatigue.

‘This is a win-win scheme for both our customers and our staff. Our customers can feel confident that our installation teams are properly trained, qualified and have the competencies to work on any site. And our staff will be safer and save time as they move between sites as they won’t have to repeat all elements of the safety induction each time they start on a new job’ concludes Cooke.

The Health and Safety Passport Scheme and its smartcard will make work ‘Safer, Smarter and Simpler.’